What is 212ths?

In the Bible, it is recorded, that after two years of traveling in the wilderness Israel found itself positioned on the southern border of the Promised Land, of Canaan. However, before entering this wondrous land Israel sent spies out to survey, report back, determine an entry route, and report of any cities that may have already been there.

12 spies were chosen, one from each of the 12 tribes.

The spies journeyed from the southern edge of Canaan, to Canaan’s northern edge and back. They traveled for forty days, observing, and recording what they saw. Canaan was a rich land full of abundance and substance, it was said to have flowed with milk and honey. On the other hand, it was also full of giants, mighty men that incited fear and dread in other lesser men, who had built large fortified cities.

Ten of the spies sent returned with a bad report. They complained about the cities, the “Giants”, and they felt as if the land could not be conquered. They could not see the plenty for they were blinded by obstacles.

But 2 of the 12 came back with a report of courage, strength, faith, and good cheer. They saw a land that was vast in opportunity and looked forward to overcoming the obstacles. They embraced the challenge.

Our mission at 212ths is to help your business make it out of the wilderness, and lead it into the Promised Land.

Because where others see obstacles, we see opportunity.

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